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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Restoran Girl

She has cute Restoran Girl face, beside work at reataurant she also try to be a model Restoran Girl.
Restoran Girl Local model for her start career. but she is not model bugil that phosed in sexy style.

What better place to spend a warm summer’s day than in one of the capital’s largest parks. Restoran Girl Escape the hustle and bustle of the crowds and take in some of London’s majestic scenery in Hyde Park.

Formerly the private gardens of Kensington Palace, Kensington Gardens, alongside Hyde Park are one of London’s most popular green areas. Both are a short walk from the Elysee Hotel.

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Ipod Promotion

his girl always be a choice when there is a big event of Ipod product promotion or launching.

Top Sales Promotion Girls or usually called SPG in Indonesia is very important to increase the product selling.

By spg seksi, the Ipod customer will be interest to buy some product.
So this reason, many beautiful girls be a SPG Ipod.

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Zora Vidyanata

Zora Vidyanata patron is the star on the birth of Pontianak Indonesia, December 31, 1984. Since the two small daughters from four pairs Drs. Tabrani Eka Putra and Rifwarti has been active in the art world.

Various achievements of any ditorehkan high school graduates between this Pitsligo 1, the champions three Putri Citra, 2000, First Things Dare Pontianak, 2001, Shri weaving Nusantara 2001, and the daughter of West Kalimantan 2002.

Even during a lecture at the Islamic University of Indonesia, Yogyakarta, Zora remain active as a catwalk model.

However, Zora career in the entertainment world began when Indonesia became finalists Putri Indonesia 2002 before entering the world and on.

Rather perdananya entitled BUJANGAN, which diperaninya with Didi Petet and Jaja Miharja. Then followed a successful endeavors INTAN the with Naysila Mirdad and Sandy Tumiwa with the role as Shinta.

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Singapore Lola - Asian sexy

Singapore Lola - Asian sexy
Take a look at this one, I like hot girl just like this. she is attract every young man.

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Malaysia pretty

Malaysian Asian Girls are a pleasure to look at by most men. Simple Asian girls seem to capture your heart with a shy smile.

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Malaysia great model

she looks so shy, when camera shoot her, but look at her face, she has beautiful face and creamy skin. do you think so my friend

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Sweet Korean girl

What a beautifully taken portrait shot of this asian girl.
Love her big eyes and how she pose for the camera!she is an excellent model.

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Vietnamese girls

Asian Girls are a pleasure to look at by most men. Simple Asian girls seem to capture your heart with a shy smile.

I think for the most part the ones that are open and showing their goods are nice to look at but the Asian girls that steal your heart are the beautiful shy and quiet ones.

Vietnam is full of the shy and quiet ones the ones that are faithful and fight for their love.

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Ms Giang - Vietnamese girl

Ms Giang - Vietnamese girl so calm and pure beauty make her looks so elegant. I really adore that girl.

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Kwan Thailand girl

Kwan Thailand girlThailand is a beautiful country with many beautiful girls, in this picture I offer one of them. how do you think, pretty doesn't she?

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Indonesian gadis montok dan sexy
Dia adalah gadis berasal dari indonesia

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Indonesian gadis montok dan sexy
Dia adalah gadis berasal dari indonesia
photo Gadis Solo sedang berfose memegang tiang bambu, ga tau apa yang di lihatnya.
yang jelas tubuh gadis solo ini sangat cantik dan berbody montok banget.. penasaran semua laki laki bikin penasaran

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Shandy Aulia

Nama Populer Shandy Aulia

Nama Asli Nyimas Shandy Aulia
Tempat Lahir Jakarta
Tanggal Lahir 1987-06-23
Tinggi Badan 165 cm
Berat Badan 42 kg
Zodiak Cancer
Pekerjaan Aktris Sinetron dan Film

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Ratna Galih

Nama Ratna Galih

Lahir Jakarta, 17 Maret 1988

Biografi :
Ratna Galih atau biasa dipanggil dengan nama Galih adalah seorang bintang akting pendatang baru Indonesia.

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Christy Louise

The role of the art world, especially the patron is likely to become fertile seedbeds for candidates for the stars Anyar and fresh. Beautiful and young, so sure, but this one girl who have other advantages, beautiful haired, he Christy Louise. With the beautiful hair, has penetrated the escort girl to the art world role.

Initially think he promises that followed the ad promises shampoos. In fact, promises a mini patron who sponsored one of the shampoo. "It's one of its director because of the hair and said that I have character as a teenage girl to rejoice brand shampoos," said the girl birth Bogor, 30 November 1988.

Beginning with the camera, enough to make him nervous. And support from the director and other crew. I even get supplies from a workshop on science trained veteran actors Didi Petet.

The first time met with Pete Didi, Christy was nervous and deg-degan. Because Didi considers himself as a senior in the field. And create a presumption that once Set jemblok. When I get that wig.

"Every I can not do anything, but if by my assistant, you can. Here there are no senior or juniors. If you assume that other senior you can not do anything," he said fabricate nasehatnya Didi.

Since that time I always remember that advice. All people have the advantages, opportunities that come only different. Hence he is now trying to be himself. To plan the future, children from the first two of this, you want to learn on more serious. Because Christy admitted to still having difficulties on, and indeed while the conditions themselves are delighted.

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Nita Thalia

There is one thing that can not be missed Nita Thalia during concerto in Solo. Dangerman artists with famous players Goyang Health and song-making team is always menyempatkan Dangerman for a typical sample cuisine Solo, Rice liwet and Timlo Solo

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Velove Vexia

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Actress Secha Laurette

Indonesian Actress Secha Laurette, indonesian sexy girls

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Artis Yucci Rantika

Yucci Rantika Yunaldi is the stage that started his career from the world model. Girl birth Beirut, February 4, 1985 participate in the course of this modeling and personality, Flash Fashion Models Adjie Notonegoro property.

Owing to his victory in the election held Adjie model, finalists Abang None Jakarta Thousand Islands in 2002 is contracted for two years.

However, the contracts have not ended, the students the London School of Public Relation get this bid to play patron. Rather champions of the General Abang None Pekan Raya Luggage 2002 is LANGUAGE BIBIR. Rather then starred another presenter reality Heritage and the Love Back Old sprout this ANGEL, among others, JODOH Monica, well, FLOWER along the roads, and Ms-Ms SOSIALITA

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